Friday, March 1, 2019

"The wheels on the train go round and round," usually

Almost 200 Amtrak passengers were featured on the news last month after they were stranded aboard a train for more than 30 hours because of a blizzard. The train was going from Seattle to Los Angeles when it hit a tree that had fallen across the tracks near Eugene, Oregon. Because of record snowfall and power outages in Eugene, Amtrak officials decided passengers would be safest if they stayed on the train, which provided heat, light, food and bathrooms.

Later, one passenger remembered, "We really wanted for nothing except someplace comfortable to lie down and a shower." Passenger Rebekah Dodson told CNN that "strangers are playing cards. A teenager played his ukulele to kids to help them go to sleep. Ladies were dancing in the aisles. It's been like a giant kumbaya party."  Dodson also thanked Amtrak staffers aboard the train for "working over 30 hours while we were stuck, and still being polite and professional."

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