Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Fireman speaks child's language

Lt. Mike Rheault is a firefighter in Manchester, New Hampshire. Recently he responded to a call from an apartment building where three floors of smoke alarms went off all at once. As he was checking out the building, he saw a young boy standing in the doorway of an apartment. His name was Tegan and he looked like he wanted to say something.

Using his intuition, Lt. Rheault asked Tegan if he knew sign language. The fireman's parents were both deaf, so he knew sign language well and he introduced himself as Mike. After Tegan signed his own name, Tegan's mom Amy pulled out her phone and recorded Lt. Rheault teaching her son to sign "fireman" before giving the boy a high-five. Tegan's mom said her son was just standing there like, "Oh my god, someone is signing with me." She said he is not going to forget that, and neither is she. The station later delivered a fireman's had to Tegan.

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