Sunday, March 17, 2019

Teens save child on ski lift

An eight-year-old slipped and was left dangling from the side of a chair lift nearly 20 feet in the air. It happened at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada. A teenager named James Macdonald saw the boy and doubted he could not keep a grip for very long, so he asked a nearby man for orange netting usually used to mark ski boundaries.

Macdonald and two friends had just finished skiing down the mountain. One friend tried to calm the boy, who was panicking, while another slipped padding from a pole and inserted it into the net to give it more support. Once the net was ready, Macdonald calmly instructed the boy to remove his skis. He then told the father to release his grip on his son. He did, the the boy dropped safely into the net. About 10 people who held the net cheered loudly. The boy was not hurt.

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