Sunday, March 12, 2017

Winnipeg woman thought no one would notice

Winter weather can be brutal around Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This month, truck driver Peter Douglas was on his way from Boissevain to Brandon when the highway became pure ice. "With all my brakes on, I still started sliding backwards," he said. Fortunately his plight was caught on a Manitoba 511 traffic camera and broadcast on TV. "My family, my bosses, and everyone on Facebook knew where I was," he remembered, but nobody could rescue him, so he slept overnight in the cab of his truck.

                                                                                                 Facebook/Manitoba Road Cameras
He woke up the next morning to a pleasant surprise. A woman riding a horse brought him a thermos of hot coffee! Eileen Eagle Bears saw him on camera and decided to help. "She had to walk her horse half-a-mile up that hill and half-a-mile down because it was so icy," said Douglas. "It blew me away." Douglas was blown even farther away when Eileen came back a second time with water and a thermos of hot stew and potatoes. Douglas was stranded 28 hours before his truck was towed away. He still has her thermoses, but plans to return them. She never thought her horseback delivery would get so much attention.

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