Thursday, March 23, 2017

Very important Father-Daughter dance

Father-Daughter dances are always popular, but never more so than the one held recently at the Richmond, Virginia, Justice Center. Eleven inmates participated in the event with their daughters. While the fathers serve time behind bars, they worked hard to earn this rare bonding opportunity. They had to take 30 hours of parenting classes and learn skills like conflict resolution and building relationships.

This is the sixth annual Father-Daughter dance sponsored by the jail. Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody says the prisoners got to see firsthand the major reason to make a change when they are released. "That path forward includes commitment," he said. At the dance, each inmate crossed an invisible "line of commitment" to be with their little girl, who was waiting on the other side. Prisoner Courtny Price has a few months left to serve, but says his next steps are already mapped out. "I'm really committed to that line," he said. "That line is a line of truth for me."

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