Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not sure about angels? Read this.

It happened recently in Sugar City, Idaho. Stephen Parker was working on his Toyota Prius with his sons Mason, 17, and J.T, who is eight. They took the engine out, but one axle would not loosen, so Parker crawled under the jacked-up car to adjust the second axle. That's when the car fell on him. Mason had gone inside the house minutes earlier, so Parker yelled at his eight-year-old son to "Jack it up quick! Jack it up quick!" He knew there was no way J.T. could do it, since it took both him and his teenage son to jack it the first time. Parker could not move at all, and he passed out thinking, "This is it."

Mustering his courage, the eight-year-old, who weighs only 50 pounds, adjusted the jack and started jumping up and down on the handle. "It was scary, and I didn't think I could jack the car up," he said, "but I just kept on trying." After he'd jumped about 15 minutes, the car slowly started rising off his father. Once it was off, J.T. ran inside to call 911. Parker recalls that while unconscious, "it was like a nice, happy day. Every thing was happy and peaceful." He was taken to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center to be treated for 13 broken ribs, but no other internal damage. Two days later he was home, and asked J.T. to jack the car up again. The boy could not do it. When asked how he got super strength when his Dad was under the car, he said, "Angels." In the photo above, he is receiving the American Red Cross "East Idaho Real Hero" award. His mother, Jodi Parker said, "the whole thing was a miracle."

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