Thursday, March 2, 2017

He wanted to fool his teacher

Jax Rosebush of Louisville, Kentucky, turned five this month. For the past two years, his closest playmate and best friend has been a boy named Reddy. When his mom, Lydia Rosebush, told Jax he needed to get a haircut, Jax insisted he wanted to get a buzz cut, just like his friend. He truly believes that if he and Reddy have the same haircut, people could not tell them apart. He thought it would be fun to confuse his teacher with the same haircut. Here are Jax, on the left, and Reddy, on the right, at a Christmas event.

                                                                                       Lydia Rosebush / Facebook
His mom wasn't going to let Jax get a buzz cut, but says that "since this story has become a viral sensation, I likely will give in and let him cut it like he wants." Max would never have met Reddy except for the goodness of Rev. Kevin Weldon and his wife Debbie. He pastors Carlisle Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, and they adopted Reddy and his brother Enock when they were two and four. The Weldons are white. "My sons do not look like me," he says, "but we are family all the same. We love each other with all we have." Now that Jax and Reddy have identical haircuts, they're sure nobody can tell them apart.

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