Sunday, March 5, 2017

Let me hear an "Amen!"

Lamont Hammond, 37, recently became homeless. He's been homeless before, but now he has an eight year old son, and he didn't want his child sleeping on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. Hammond is employed and also receives a disability payment, but he didn't have enough money for a hotel room that night. Not knowing what to do, he and his boy went into a Waffle House to sit and think. "I really was about to cry, but I was trying to be strong for my son," he said. The Waffle House security guard is named Amen Webster. He also was homeless once, so he knows how it feels. When he saw Hammond's anxious face, and his son shivering, he went to their table to ask what's the problem.

Hammond explained his situation, and Webster immediately asked his boss for "a few minutes away." Then he took Hammond and his son to his two-bedroom apartment, and told they they can stay as long as they need to. Hammond promised his stay would be short, since he works at Zaxby's and hopes to use his tax refund to rent his own two-bedroom apartment. Webster said he be there for the Hammonds as long as they need him.

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