Monday, September 19, 2016

Supermarket staff goes the extra mile

Once again, today's crumb comes from a faithful reader in Redlands, California. This true story began eight months ago in the Stater Brothers Supermarket on 40th Street in San Bernardino, CA. A customer who is partly blind asked manager Jorge Moreno for assistance. Moreno remembered, "From that day we all made sure he always got the help he needed." Sometimes the staff helped him with shopping, and sometimes the courtesy clerks made the short walk from the store to his nearby home with him.

                                                                                                                           Courtesy Photo
Now fast forward to the present. Terrance Morrison has only worked at the store for three weeks, but he's heard about how everyone on the staff helps the sight-impaired customer. "I've never worked in a place like this," Morrison said. "It's really nice." A few days ago, Morrison had his first chance to assist the man home. As they walked across busy 40th Street, a motorist in car waiting at a red light saw them and snapped this picture. He posted it on social media and praised Morrison, who was wearing his green Sater Brothers apron. Jack Brown, executive chairman of the grocery chain, is proud of his new employee. "He's a fairly new member of the Sater Brothers family" said Brown, "but he already understands that we don't just do business in the community. We're part of it."

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