Friday, September 9, 2016

Buff bods can do more than self-defense

Former UFC Bantamweight champion Miesha Tate does not hide her line of work. "I punch faces for a living," she admits, but recently she put her athletic training to a good cause. Andrew and Amber Abalos and their 6-year-old daughter Kai were hiking on the Mary Jane Falls trail in Mt. Charleston, about 40 miles from Las Vegas, when Kai fell and broke her arm at the top of the trail. Meisha noticed their problem and offered to help carry Kai down the mountain. Kai's mother told Meisha, "There was no way I could have done it myself. Kai is your newest #1 fan.

Later, Miesha referred to Kai as "the sweet little girl that kept me company down the mountainside, very upbeat despite her broken arm. I just have to say this was one of the most rewarding days of my athletic career." Miesha added that she's been criticized often for being too buff or manly, and told to stop lifting weights. "I'm so happy I never listened to the limitations others wanted to put on me," she said. " Strength and beauty come from within."

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