Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Customer service rep, or fairy godmother?

Christina Grady, 36, of Pittsburgh was planning her wedding a few weeks ago when her fiance broke up with her. So she made plans to move into a new apartment and was using her Capital One credit card to buy furniture to be sent to her new address. Suddenly her credit card was shut down for "suspicious activity." Christina called Capital One and was connected to a woman known only as "Tonya KYY905" in the Richmond, VA, Capital One call center.  Christina remembers what Tonya said when told about Christina's break-up and need to move. "She was like, 'Girl, I am giving you 4,500 free miles (about $45). Go on vacation. Take so many pictures of yourself all happy and post them all over that Instagram.'"

But that was just the beginning. Five days later, Christina got a text from her ex. Someone had sent her flowers at his house. Christina was afraid they might be from a stalker, but they were from Capital One. According to Christina, "Turned out it was just Tonya being like, 'It's cool girl. You're gonna be OK.'" Christina, shown above with the flowers, says that when she called Tonya KYY905 to thank her, "she told me her work hours and said I could call anytime if I needed her! She's adorably sweet." Christina loves her fairy godmother, but has only one regret. She wrote on Facebook, "if I knew this photo would go viral, I would have put on some make-up."

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