Monday, September 12, 2016

Barber says his work is "all about love."

Brockton, Massachusetts, has as new hero -- Corey Bester, owner of the Bester Styles barber shop. What made him famous? Local resident Ryan Jones was driving past Bester Styles recently when he saw the barber giving a customer a haircut -- outside the shop on the sidewalk -- because the man's electric wheelchair would not fit through the door. Jones snapped this photo and sent it to the Brockton Facebook page.

                                                                                                      Facebook/Ryan Jones
Jones observed, "This barber could have easily said sorry, bud, I can't get you in because you're in a wheelchair, but instead he accommodated that man and did what he could to make sure he had a fresh cut." Bester just opened the shop and could not yet afford a wheelchair ramp. Since the picture went viral, he's received "a ton" of support from the community. The barber explained, "It was totally unexpected. I had to help him out. It's all about love."

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