Friday, September 2, 2016

Eating alone in the school cafeteria

Bo Paske goes to a middle school in Florida. He has autism and finds it hard to make friends, so in the cafeteria each day he often eats lunch at a table by himself. But that changed recently. A few days ago, several football players from Florida State visited his school. They joined the children for lunch. Wide receiver Travis Rudolph grabbed a slice of pizza and then noticed Bo sitting alone. He asked if he could join him, and they started chatting.  "It was real easy," Randolph remembered. "You'd never think there was anything wrong with him. Just a really warm person. I didn't even know anybody took a photo." Bo told Randolph his name, and how much he admired Florida State.

                                                                                                               Leah Paske / Facebook
Someone snapped this photo and emailed it to Bo's mother, Leah Paske, who posted it on Facebook. She wrote, "I'm not sure what exactly made this incredibly kind man share a lunch table with my son, but I'm happy to say it will not soon be forgotten." Bo was also excited about the attention, saying, "It's been awesome. Everyone was so proud of me." His mom adds that Bo now has no shortage of lunch companions. It's cool to sit with him.

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