Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Elderly cats cuddled by seniors

"By the time cats are seven years old or older, most just want to eat, sleep, be cuddled and loved," says Jordan Umerley, a volunteer at the Ohio AlleyCat Resource Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. To meet that need, the shelter regularly takes older cats to visit seniors at several local retirement communities. "Many of these folks cannot have pets now, so the chance to cuddle a chilled out kitty is great for them."

Elderly folks get great joy from their visiting furry friends, and cats get a healthy dose of love and affection that they crave. Cat-lovers know having felines around is very therapeutic. According to Umerley, "The seniors love telling stories about their past pets, and ask us to take pictures of them with the visiting cats. They send these pictures to their children and grandchildren."

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