Saturday, July 2, 2016

Is your dog microchipped?

Garrick Quinones is a chauffeur in the New York City area. Recently he was driving across the Brooklyn Bridge when he noticed another car had stopped. He saw a little dog limping under the stopped vehicle, so he quickly pulled his limousine to the curb and hurried to help the dog. The frightened pup didn't want to be caught, but Quinones used a phone charging cord as a leash and finally pulled him out. Meanwhile, other cars were speeding by and honking.

Quinones knew the dog was thirsty and gave him a drink from a bottle of water.  The dog had no collar, so he took the pup to the 19th police precinct where he was told they would scan the dog for a an ID chip and take good care of him. When Quinones was about to leave the police station, he said, "my newest little friend started to follow me and didn't want me to leave." A few hours later, the police called and told him the dog did have a chip and the owners were notified. Another reminder to have you dog microchipped.

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