Saturday, July 23, 2016

A letter from summer camp to "Grandma"

Earlier this month, Canada Post mail carrier Natasha Villeneuve was shown an envelope addressed from an 11-year-old camper named Abby to her grandmother, and the address was incomplete. This is not uncommon, but instead of tossing the envelope into the dead-letter box, Natasha posted a photo of the envelope on Facebook, hoping for a few dozen responses from her small town of Perth, Ontario. Instead, the post was shared nearly 16,000 times!

The rural route where the letter was addressed "To Grandma" has hundreds of residents, but a chance encounter helped locate Abbey's grandma, Dawn Kierans, and Natasha was able to deliver the letter within one week. "I owe Tasha a real thank you for delivering it," said Dawn, "because I would have been disappointed if Abby asked me when she came back, 'Did you get my letter?' and I had to say 'no.'" Meanwhile Abby is still away at summer camp and has no clue how many people helped deliver her letter.

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