Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A reader in the midwest offers today's Crumb

It seemed like a small thing at the time, but it meant a lot of Coty Vincent, a young mother from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She and her twin sons had just been victims of a hit-and-run-collision. She needed transportation so she stopped by Enterprise Rent-A-Car at 11th St. and Lewis Ave. in Tulsa. One of her twins was in a stroller, but she had to hold the other in her arms while she tried to fill out the paperwork, until the employee helping her (John, shown below) offered to hold her son while she completed the application. John has a twin sister, so he understands twins. Coty was so touched by this kindness that she took this photo and posted it on her Facebook page with the wish that everyone would be like John.
                                                                             Coty Vincent / Facebook
When the Enterprise social media team saw her post, they reached out and put Coty in touch with corporate officials. Within hours, Enterprise announced it would reward John for his outstanding customer service, and also purchase a double stroller for Coty's twins. "We were so moved by Coty's Facebook post that we wanted to do something special for her," said a company official. Coty hopes people recognize that no act of kindness is too small. "I think this world would be a much better place with small acts of kindness that go so far," she said.

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