Friday, July 29, 2016

Husband makes impossible dream come true

Micah Faris has heard all of his wife Jennifer's childhood camp stories. How her Dad bought an Apache camper and took the family on wonderful trips. All her fondest childhood memories happened in that camper, but when her Dad was killed in an accident, the family gave the camper away and it was later sold. Now fast forward 15 years. Micah and Jennifer have little kids of their own, and would love to take them camping. Of course it could never be the same as with her Dad, since the camper is long gone, probably in a junkyard by now. But Micah wonders if there's any possible way to locate the old rig and give it a new life with Jennifer and their kids.

Jennifer's Dad (upper left) when he took her camping. And Jennifer today.

Well, this story has a happy ending, but you'll never believe how it happened. Was it just a lucky coincidence, or is Jennifer's Dad smiling down from heaven? To find out, set aside eight short minutes and enjoy the video linked here, where Micah reveals the amazing details.

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