Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Black Lives Matter protestors and police co-host barbecue

On July 17, Black Lives Matter activists and police in Wichita, Kansas, co-sponsored a "First Steps Barbecue" in McAdams Park. Food was provided free by the police, the community and local businesses. Protestors had planned a march, but the two sides agreed to break bread instead. Chief Gordon Ramsay led a question-and-answer session during the gathering, and some questions were very blunt. One person asked about weeding bad officers out of the ranks.

Only about 400 people RSVP'd to the event on Facebook, but more than 800 actually attended. Black Lives Matter organizer A.J. Bohannon explained the purpose of the barbecue. "First thing we want to do is break that boundary, break that barrier. The second thing we want to do is start that conversation."

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