Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wedding photos briefly interrupted

Bride and groom Hannah West and Mark Jefferies had just gotten married and were posing for wedding photos on the grounds of Dumbleton Hall near Evesham in Gloucester, England. There was a lake in the background, and photographer Rosie Hardy had taken a few pictures when everyone heard a fearful squawking from the lake. A nasty black swan had stolen a gosling from two geese and had its beak around its neck, trying to drown it.  Without missing a beat, Faye West, sister of the bride, kicked off her shoes and marched into the lake.

                                                                                                    Photo by Rosie Hardy / Facebook
"She didn't break speed as she hit the water," Hardy recalled, "and within seconds the swan had gotten her message." After scaring off the swan, West scooped up the tiny chick and returned it to its mother on the opposite bank, and soon the geese swam off happily. Photographer Hardy posted her photos on Facebook, adding, "Shot my first wedding of the spring yesterday. I didn't expect a bridesmaid to jump into the lake mid-formals to save a baby gosling. Faith in humanity restored!"

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