Monday, May 16, 2016

Today's post from a reader in Moline, Illinois

Farmer Alan James of Penrhyncoch, North Wales, has 15 sheep dogs on his family farm. One is named Pero. A friend told Alan that another famer in Cockermouth needed a dog that could round sheep and follow a quad bike, so Alan drove Pero 240 miles north to Cockermouth to "give him a try." A few days later, as he was herding sheep in Cockermouth, Pero disappeared.

A few days later, Pero turned up at the front door of his former home in Penrhyncoch. "We have no idea how he did it," said Alan. "He must have Sat-Nav in his brain. A sheep dog can go all day and cover a lot of ground, but it's a mystery how he found his way here." When he arrived home, he was not hungry or weak. "We are very happy to have him home again with us on the farm," Alan said.

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