Monday, May 30, 2016

Another "police" story

Nine-year-old Bryce lives in Cleveland, and has been collecting Pokemon cards for three years. He's proud of his collection. Recently he was taking it to a friend's house when another boy grabbed his card binder and ran away with it. The Cleveland Police Department assigned officer Jimmy Grotenrath to the case. Other children identified the thief. Grotenrath went to the suspect's home and spoke with his parents. At this point, the suspect apologized and returned the heist. Bryce noticed most of the cards were there, but a few important ones were missing.

                                                                                                      Courtesy of Jimmy Grotenrath
Grotenrath, 26, felt Bryce's pain because he too collected Pokemon cards as a boy. He went home that night and found his old stash of cards, and gave them as a gift to Bryce. "He was grinning from ear to ear," Grotenrath said. "Anything we can do to put a smile on a citizen's face is a job well done in our book."

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