Friday, May 13, 2016

Domino's staff save favorite customer's life

Kirk Alexander of Salem, Oregon, has been ordering meals online from a local Domino's Pizza restaurant for seven years. He orders a different entree each time. Employees came to expect his order every few days, so they were concerned recently when he did not order anything for eleven days. They called his home to check on him but always got voicemail. Then the restaurant sent a driver, Tracy Hamblen, to Alexander's home late at night. She knocked on his door and could see lights and a TV on inside, but nobody answered, so she called 911.

                                                                                       Danielle Peterson/ Statesman Journal
Marion County sheriff's deputies heard a man calling for help from inside the house. They found Alexander on the floor of his home. Paramedics said they believed he had a stroke. They took him to the hospital where his condition stabilized. The Domino's staff said Alexander was like part of their family, and they wish him a full recovery.

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