Saturday, May 28, 2016

No tears in baseball?

On May 13 in Menifee, California, the Pony Baseball and Softball League hosted a scrimmage, but it wasn't about balls and strikes. One of the team moms -- Janet Brock -- knew her husband, Marine Master Sgt. Randy Brock, would be returning home earlier than expected after a six-month overseas deployment. Janet asked if she could reunite him with their children in a special way, and league officials agreed to sponsor the scrimmage for that reason. Ten-year-old A.J. Brock wasn't expecting his dad to come home from Japan for another month.

The surprise was the sole reason for the scrimmage, which explained why a larger-than-usual crowd gathered to watch. Master Sgt. Brock was disguised as the umpire, and called the balls and strikes until his son A.J. came to bat. With A.J. almost in the batter's box, the umpire paused to brush dirt from home plate and then removed his mask. The picture above shows what happened next. And yes, there are tears in baseball.

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