Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Monday, March 8, was International Women's Day. Many famous women were remembered, but our Crumb of Comfort is dedicated to the finest of them all -- wives and mothers. To honor these unsung heroines, we offer a verse written by Edgar Guest, who, for 30 years, wrote a daily poem for the Detroit Free Press. That's more than 11,000 poems. His verses were eventually syndicated in 300 newspapers and republished in 20 books. Today's verse was dedicated to his wife Nellie. If it reminds you of your wife or mother, why not text her and tell her.
Nellie made a cup of tea, made and poured it out for me, And above the steaming brew smiled and asked me, "one or two?" Saucily she tossed her head. "Make it sweet for me," I said. Two sweet lumps of sugar fell into that small china well, But I knew the while I drained every drop the cup contained, More than sugar in the tea made the beverage sweet for me. This to her I tried to say in that golden yesterday -- Life is like a cup of tea which time poureth endlessly. Brewed by trial's constant heat, needing love to make it sweet. Then I caught her looking up and I held my dainty cup out to her and bravely said, "Here is all that lies ahead, Here is all my life to be. Will you make it sweet for me? That was years ago, and now there is silver in her brow; We have sorrowed, we have smiled, we've been hurt and reconciled. But whatever had to be, she has made it sweet for me.

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