Sunday, March 7, 2021

A crumb from Thailand

A brave navy sailor recently plunged into choppy waters to rescue four kittens from a burning ship off the coast of Thailand. Thatsaphon Saii, 23, received the emergency call and dove into the water -- while still wearing his pants -- to swim over to the wreckage. All eight crew members had alread escaped the inferno and been picked up by a passing fishing boat, but four terrified kittens were left behind.
The kittens ran to the bow of the boat, and were left clinging to a crane structure as flames rapidly engulfed the ship. Thatsaphon swam 50 feet through rough before he climbed aboard the sinking ship and put three cats into an old rice sack. The other kitten he carried on one of his shoulders. All the cats had become dehydrated, but survived.

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