Thursday, January 21, 2021

Pen pals for 70 years

 Jill Stretton and Cathie Alexander have been pen pals for seven decades while living half-a-world apart. Their letter-writing relationship began in 1950 when 12-year-old Jill, from Australia, was given Cathie's address by a friend who had recently visited Scotland. I those days, it could take up to six weeks for a long-distance airmail letter to arrive, but the pair quickly became best friends. 

The two women didn't meet until 1982, and have met several times since then, but they feel as if they truly grew up with each other, sharing all life's milestones. They still write letters and send holiday packages, but they have bowed somewhat to the times. "We email now," Jill admitted, adding cheekily, "Aren't we clever?"

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