Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Loom hook changes a life

 Nelson Mendonca was incarcerated in British Columbia, Canada. He'd been in and out of prison for 20 years while struggle with addiction. But one day he found something behind bars that would change his life for the better -- a knitting tool called a loom hook.

Believe it or not, he started knitting hats for the homeless. After his release he joined a recovery program and now leads a knitting circle with about 10 other men. He says knitting teaches several life lessons. "It's the one thing in my life I can't cheat, manipulate, cut corners or find a loophole," he said. "You just have to follow every step, one at a time, over and over again." So far the group has knitted more than 200 winter hats which are given to people in need.

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