Sunday, January 10, 2021

"All you got to do is buckle down..."

 Mack Richardson II served seven years in prison for several DWI arrests, but he never lost his love of cooking. The 63-year-old Navy veteran was released from prison in April. Afterwards he stayed in a veteran's homeless shelter for six months. Then he started going to Workforce Solutions Alamo school and got a job cooking. He's saved enough to rent his own apartment.

In his own words, "I got out of prison. I was homeless. I didn't have any place to do nothing. At all. Not a chance to work. And look at me now, eight months later. I'm a cook. I'm a chef at the San Antonio Food Bank. Going places, you know. So it can be done. All you got to do is buckle down, and put your mind to what you want to do."

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