Saturday, December 5, 2020

"We colored, we snacked..."

 In March, 2018, Lt. Brian Zach of the Kingston, Arizona, Police Department had no idea his future daughter would meet him at the next residence check he responded to. He was then a patrol sergeant, and found a toddler named Kaila who needed help. She was the victim of abuse, and her caretakers faced criminal charges. She had to be treated for her injuries, but before that, according to Zach, "We colored, we snacked....she held my hand and she was just this cute little thing."

When the opportunity came up, he and his wife offered to house her. "She came with a sippy cup, a bag of clothes that didn't fit and that was it," he recalls. "When we got her she knew three words and basically grunted like a caveman. She didn't know how to talk, and now she loves to talk. Thirty months after their first meeting, the Zach's adopted Kaila. Her place in their hearts and home was made official last August 18.

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