Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Kindness Capital of Kentucky

Drive into LaGrange, and you'll see a sign welcoming you to The Kindness Capital of Kentucky. Local leaders designated the city The Kindness Capital last year after two residents, Rylyn, 9, and Raegan, 12, started making colorful signs that say "Be Kind." The Richins sisters planned to start with 40 signs, but word got out, and so far they've decorated about 3,000 signs on the picnic table in their backyard.

The girls charge $10 for each sign, and their mom Rhonda explains that "none of the money goes into our pockets. It goes back to the community." Seven charities benefit from the sale of signs. So far, the family has heard from a Rotary Club in Pennsylvania, a Scout troop in Michigan and a family in California, about the Be Kind campaign. The family hopes it will spark a wave of kindness across the country.

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