Sunday, October 4, 2020

Who was that masked man?

 Ben Beard and Ty Anderson were making college plans when the pandemic stopped everything in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. "We were working hard on academics and looking for ways to volunteer in our communities to have well-round college resumes," said Ben, "but then everything came to a halt." He decided to look for meaningful ways to give back to his community and "not just play the game of looking for a good college." That's when he discovered the organization Mask Now TN, which distributes masked to underprivileged people and essential workers. Donations were urgently needed.

Ben and Ty motivated and equipped fellow students at Independence High School to gather donations. They even set up collection boxes. Within only three weeks, they hit their goal of 10,000 masks. Ben's brother Andrew, who joined the team, said, "Getting our eyes off our own problems and finding a way to help others who have had it so much harder through this crisis has been empowering to us as students."

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