Friday, April 10, 2020

Newspaper man delivers more than news

Greg Daily, 50, has delivered the Newark Star-Ledger in East Windsor, New Jersey for 25 years. Recently, an elderly customer asked him to bring her paper to her garage door instead of putting in the box near the curb. He realized she was afraid to walk to the curb because of the pandemic, and wondered if other seniors on his paper route were afraid to go out, even for necessities. So he wrapped a note into each paper which said, "My name is Greg Daily. I deliver your paper each morning. I'd like to offer my services free of charge to anyone who needs groceries and household products. I can deliver them to your front door." He included his phone number.

One of his customers, 72-year-old Sandy Driska, could hardly believe the note. "Oh no," she thought, "this is too good to be true." But she called, and Daily delivered $302 worth of groceries to the front of her garage the next day. She thanked him and wrote him a check, but he refused to take a tip. Before long, Daily's phone starting ringing with requests from thankful subscribers. He needed assistance to meet the many requests, so he enlisted his wife Cherlyn and their children, Erin, 24, Sean, 21, and Brian, 17, and his mother-in-law, Carol Krohn, to help fill requests every morning.

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