Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Amish housewives sew masks

As health care providers grapple with a severe national shortage of masks, some Amish residents of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, are firing up their battery-powered sewing machines to help. Sylvan Stoltfus and his wife own Bird-in-Hand Fabric in the town of Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. Their business has a "stay open waiver" from the state, since it serves as a hub for dozens of families in their Amish community who are sewing about 13,000 fabric masks to donate to Lancaster Health Center.

"Lancaster County in itself is just a very giving place," Stoltfus said. "We decided that if we can find people to help us, we would donate fabric and materials for these masks, to protect health care workers." Once regular surgical masks given to patients run out, the Lancaster Health Center intends to use these fabric masks.

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