Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Hospital custodian does more than expected

Ki-Jana "KJ" Upshaw changes linens in all 82 patient rooms at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Ohio. Earlier this year, he befriended a 7-year-old patient named Cohen who was always playing with LEGOs. Upshaw then noticed another boy across the hall named Keagan who also spent spare time building structures with the toy bricks. Upshaw believed the boys were destined to be friends, but because of isolation rules, they could not visit each other's rooms.

Upshaw spent the following months helping the boys forge a friendship by swapping messages and communicating between them about their LEGO creations. The friendship helped both youngsters recover, and on the day that Keagan was well enough to go home, Cohen was healthy enough to wear a mask and walk across the hall to Keagan's door so he could give him a LEGO set as a farewell gift. Parents will soon plan play-dates for the new friends.

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