Thursday, March 12, 2020

A crumb from South Carolina

Back in January, 2019, South Carolina fast food employee Malcom Coleman lost the home he shared with his mother. It erupted into flames on his birthday. Since then the pair have been living with friends and family. Coleman works at Wendy's near the University of South Carolina, and when some students learned his story, they decided to give him the happy ending he deserved.

USC student Robert Calderoni convinced his business fraternity to start a GoFundMe to raise $75,000 to help Coleman put down new roots. Why? The fraternity members admire him because he always builds personal relationships with customers and knows exactly what to say to make someone smile. According to Calderoni, "Malcolm has gone above and beyond to care for students without expecting anything in return; now we have the opportunity to help out a friend in need."

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