Monday, February 10, 2020

How Hazel found her pawrents

Back in May, 2017, a golden terrier mix named Hazel escaped from her yard. "She was an escape artist," admitted owner Monica Mathis. Not long afterward, Mathis moved to Minnesota and gave up hope of ever seeing Hazel again. Meanwhile, Hazel headed south. Nobody knows how she covered over 1,000 miles to Manatee County, Florida, about 45 miles south of Tampa. In March, 2019, she was picked up by Manatee County Animal Services. Employees called the number on Hazel's microchip, but nobody answered, so they started looking for a new home for her.

To improve Hazel's chance to find a home, the shelter partnered with Microworks Brewing, to advertise dogs needing a forever home. The ad campaign went viral, and when it popped up in Mathis' Facebook news feed, she knew, "that's my dog." The shelter asked her to send veterinary records and photos to prove she had the correct dog. Then the shelter posted on it's Facebook page, "Hazel found her pawrents!" Since then, Hazel has headed back Minnesota.

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