Saturday, February 8, 2020

Could you have an unknown twin?

Anais Bordier was watching YouTube in December, 2012, when she saw a video of an American actress who looked exactly like her. At first she wondered, "Who posted a video of me on YouTube?" The actress was Samantha Futerman, and Bordier used social media to learn more about her look-alike. She discovered they were both born on Nov. 19, 1987, in Busan, South Korea. Finally Bordier sent Futerman a message.

Futerman grew up on Verona, New Jersey, before moving to Los Angeles. She wondered why she got a message from someone who looked like her. "I thought it was cool that we could be twins," she said. After many visits on Skype, Fulterman and her family came to London where Bordier was living at the time. There meet-up was joyous and surreal. They were both amazed to find birth mates they never knew they had.

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