Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A crumb from Finland

After 47 years, Debra McKenna, 63, has finally been reunited with her husband's high-school class ring. She and Shawn McKenna both went to Morse High School in Maine, and he gave her his ring just before leaving for college. She lost it while washing her hands in a public ladies room, but they married anyway and had three kids before he passed away in 2017.

Debra said she'd hardly given the ring a thought until January 12, when Marko Saarinen, a sheet metal worker in Finland, appeared on the Morse High School Alumni Association Facebook page. "Hello from Finland!" he wrote. "I was metal detecting in deep forest and found this high school ring under a few inches of soil. It's engraved 'Morse High School 1973' with the initials SM. Is this your class ring?" Hours later, the group's administrator, Kathleen Nadeau, informed him that they had located the ring's owner, Debra McKenna. Debra has no idea how her ring got to Finland, but is amazed to have it back.

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