Saturday, October 26, 2019

See how much these students care

Life has not been easy for Megan Carr ever since the student who was mentoring her on the Brazoswood Belles High School Drill Team, Ravenne Dodge, suddenly died. No only did she lose someone she called "big sister," but her family moved from Lake Jackson, Texas, and she had to start all over at Dayton High School. After joining the new drill team, she told her teammates about the upcoming one-year anniversary of her friend's death. The students were so moved by the story of senior-sophomore friendship they decided to do something special in memory of Megan's "big sister," Ravenne.

Upon learning that Ravenne's favorite color was yellow and she loved sunflowers, Megan's new drill team all showed up at school wearing sunflowers and yellow clothes. They even decorated the locker room with yellow. But that's not all. According to Megan's mother, "Somehow, without my daughter's knowledge, the drill team was able to get THE ENTIRE SCHOOL to wear yellow on the same day in honor of Ravenne, even though they have no idea who she was."

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