Monday, October 7, 2019

Pre-teens help police find missing woman

It happened recently in Roseville, California, where 97-year-old Glenneta Belford had "gone missing." Police posted a plea on Facebook while they searched for her in two neighborhoods. A team of five children decided to help. "I like helping," said Logan Hultman, 10, "except if it's with chores." Soon they spotted the woman not far from their homes. "All of us saw this lady walking around and we were like, 'Guys, that has to be her," said Logan.

The junior detective team called police, telling dispatchers where they found the woman. Belford was safe, and was reunited with her family. Police called the kids' actions "fantastic." Now the police department has a message for them. "We highly recommend this group of junior detectives give us a call in about ten years. Maybe we can give them a job." Logan replied, "I had no idea what my future would be until now -- a detective."

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