Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Going the extra mile, or at least half-a-mile

Shannon Ranger lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She arrived at her son's school recently to walk him home like she does everyday. Her son, Matthew Gessner, 6, uses a wheelchair. The weather was bad that day, The area got its first heavy snow. Shannon thought she could push her son home in his chair, but she soon became stuck in the snow.

She tried to call a cab, but they told her it could not come for 20 minutes. Then a man came out of a nearby house with a shovel and started to shovel the sidewalk. Soon another man came out and suggested that, instead of shoveling, it would be easier to pick up Matthew in his wheelchair and carry him. "They ended up carrying him about half-a-mile, all the way home," Shannon said. "I've had issues before, like when the elevator is broken at the train station and I have to carry him in his chair up the stairs. People just walk past us, so it was very amazing to see such kindness."

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