Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A good reason to miss a college exam

Miguel Carnacho is a college student in Tampa, Florida. Recently he was sitting on a park bench studying for an exam, and while taking a break he hopped onto Facebook and saw a post about a missing dog. The dog was named Zeus, and knew how to KITEBOARD. Zeus had been stolen by a strange in his 60s or 70s driving a gray sedan.

Just as Miguel was reading the post, a guy in his 60s or 70s pulled up in a gray sedan and hopped out with a dog. Miguel confronted him, and they argued until Miguel yelled "Zeus!" and the dog ran right to him. The guy who stole Zeus took off, but Miguel was able to reunite Zeus with his family. He missed his exam, but when the professor heard his story, he said he could take it later.

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