Saturday, November 10, 2018

As the Christmas delivery season approaches

Do you know your UPS driver? Jerry Bollinger retired not long ago after 40 years as a UPS driver. He's not sure about future plans, but he's thankful he won't have to deal with holiday deliveries for the first time since 1978. He wasn't expecting a gold watch or a farewell party, but his customers had other plans.

About six months ago, he started telling customers October 31 would be his last day. And one of them decided to honor him by dressing like HIM for Halloween. All of them bought UPS hats and jackets or made their own. It started out with just one office, but after word got out, other customers wanted in on it. His retirement day was moved to October 30, but they all adjusted and when he showed up with final deliveries they were all there, dressed like him and cheering his name. They also did a retirement fundraiser for him and collected about $4,500. He says he's just "flabbergasted."

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