Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Remember your favorite teacher?

Most of us remember a favorite teacher, but does that teacher still remember us? Here's a reminder that they probably do. LaShonda Carter is a teacher in Chicago. A few weeks ago she couldn't sleep and started scrolling through Facebook. She ended up messaging a former student from a few years back named Larresha Plummer.

Larresha is now 18, and recently had a baby. She mentioned that she wanted to go to a job fair the next day but did not have a baby-sitter or a car. So she'd need to take her newborn with her on a bus. Hearing this, her former teacher rearranged her whole day and drove Larresha to the job fair the next morning. Then she sat in the car and watched the baby while Larresha went inside to look for job leads. Bottom line?  Larresha found a job, and she's going to college this fall.

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