Monday, September 3, 2018

Remember your 6th grade science fair project?

Mya Chau and Eve Helman will never forget theirs. They were sixth graders in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, when they began researching disposable coffee cups for a science fair project. They discovered that billions of Starbucks single-use coffee cups are destroying forests around the world. "There's a plastic and wax lining inside that's really stuck to the paper, and we wanted them to make a recyclable cup," said Eve.

Even though they were only 12-years-old, the girls launched a #BetterCup campaign. Their petition gathered 300,000 signatures and the attention of Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson. He invited them to attend a shareholders' meeting in Seattle, Washington, where the company announced it would invest $10 million to develop a fully recyclable and compostable NEXTGEN cup. And best of all, (we assume) they got an A for their science fair project.

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