Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dude, we're totally twins!

Today's crumb comes from the US edition of The Guardian.  Anais Bordier always knew she was adopted. She was born in South Korea but raised in France by parents who look nothing like her. Her adoption papers said she was the only child of a very young unmarried woman. In 2012 Anais was studying fashion in London when a fellow student posted a YouTube video of her on her Facebook page. But she never made the video! As she watched it, she realized it was an American girl who looked exactly like her. Her American look-alike was Samantha Futerman. Sam was also born in Korea, and they had the same birthday. Finally Anais got enough courage to message Samantha to "check out my Facebook page." When Sam wrote back, she enclosed a copy of her adoption records. Both girls were born in the same clinic. Sam wrote to Anais, "Dude, we're totally twins!"

When a friend, Dr. Nancy Segal, offered them DNA testing, both girls swabbed their cheeks together on Skype and agreed to meet. Sam came to London. They realized they have the same sense of humor and understand each other perfectly. Then Dr. Segal called to say they were identical twins.

Says Anais, "I had a very happy childhood and never felt anything was missing, but there was one thing I wanted: to look like someone else in my family. What could be better than an identical twin? I'll always have her in my life now."  Thanks to YouTube.

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