Thursday, June 21, 2018

Teacher gives back, big time

Genevieve Via Cava taught special needs students for many years in Dumont, New Jersey, not far from Manhattan. She lived into her 80's before passing away in 2011. We're hearing about her now because of something amazing she did before she died. About ten years ago, she told the superintendent of her school district she wanted to donate a million dollars to the school. He assumed she was joking, and laughed. But she was serious.

She had earmarked a million dollars in her will to set up a scholarship for special needs students. Starting next year, one special needs student who wants to go to college or attend a trade school will be eligible for a $25,000 scholarship. There's enough money to give our scholarships for 40 years. How did Mrs. Via Cava save so much money? Her friends say she liked saving more than spending, partly because she lived through the Depression. But nobody knew what she was saving for, until now.

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