Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The many benefits of puppy love

Brenden Greeley is a 43-year-old Maryland father of four. His daughter wanted a puppy more than anything else, but he was reluctant, so she launched a 3-month campaign to change his mind. By studying his habits, she knew he always sat down to read his morning newspaper, so she added a headline at the top of one page. Here it is.

Her dad was so amused that he posted this picture on Twitter, where it was shared thousands of times and even got retweeted by J.K. Rowling. Finally the family adopted a puppy named J.K, Growling, and Greeley used his media fame to promise that for every donation to the Ann Arundel SPCA or any other rescue organization, he would post another picture of J.K. Growling to Twitter. The local SPCA has received a flood of donations, and an ad agency offered Greeley's daughter a job. He wrote back to them, "As soon as we get her to remember to make her bed every morning, we'll send her your way."

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