Monday, March 19, 2018

Deputies hand out food instead of tickets

As reported in The Villages Daily Sun in Florida, Sheriff deputies swarmed through a restaurant in Lake Sumter Landing recently, not to break up a mob scene but to wait on customers as part of an annual fundraiser called Tip-A-Cop. Diners can donate to the Special Olympics as part of their tip after eating. Customers packed the restaurant to be waited on my deputies, some of whom worked as bartenders.

                                                                                                        Michael Johnson / Daily Sun
According to one of the restaurant owners, "Some of the deputies who get behind the bar are pretty good at it. They're pretty good at the schmooze."  Sgt. Tom Ford fell back on the skills he learned waiting tables in high school as a server at the event. He said the evening was a way to show the public another side of law enforcement.

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